Niveshak December 2010 Issue

Saturday, January 1, 2011 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Saturday, January 01, 2011

Dear Niveshaks

As we all get ready to take a leap into the next decade, I find myself jotting down my thoughts for the last time in editorial. Our team’s journey is finally coming to an end and it is the time when we need to pass on the legacy to the next team. It is indeed a déjà vu feeling of last December when our team had got the opportunity to work for this illustrious magazine. The time since then has passed in a flash. Let us have a quick recap of our eventful journey. We started with the footsteps to 2010 where we saw how this world of finance was going to shape up, followed by auditing what is called as the balance sheet and income statement of our India Inc –Union budget 2010. Later we had a sneak peek of some of the most important events in the world of finance like Greece Debt crisis, Goldman Sachs fraud case, and currency war between nations which did affect the whole globe. We also took you through some of the milestones of the last century in our anniversary edition which was highly appreciated and acclaimed by our readers including those from corporate world. In the meanwhile, we constantly tried to make this magazine a platform to facilitate interaction by introducing interesting sections like Nivesh – A portfolio game and Crossword apart from the Fin Quiz section.

When we took charge of this magazine, the responsibility and expectations were high as the magazine had already achieved a lot in its one year of existence. We started the magazine with the dream of making it even bigger in the field of finance and we firmly believe that we have achieved the same to a great extent. Now Niveshak has become the most coveted platform to facilitate knowledge sharing among the finance enthusiasts of India. This would not have been possible without your support and encouragement. We improved with every issue solely because of the feedback and compliments received from your side which really motivated us and boosted our morale. We take this opportunity to thank the entire B-School fraternity of the country, and especially to those participants who sent numerous appreciation mails, articles, fin-Q and crossword entries. They are the ones who are undeniably the reason behind Niveshak’s success. I would also like to acknowledge the guidance and support of our mentors – Prof Sarkar and Prof Sivasankaran who inspired and motivated us throughout our journey. I must congratulate and also thank the entire team of Niveshak comprising of Bhavya, Durgesh, Hitesh, Sumit, Swarnabha, Tanvi and Upasna for completing this journey successfully. They were phenomenal during the whole journey. Here I would like to make a special mention of Bhavya and Swarnabha whose creative intelligence and perseverance have been instrumental behind Niveshak’s grand success. Last but not the least, I would like to congratulate Biswadeep for creating this masterpiece.

Just as after every sunset, the sun rises again with all the new hopes and enthusiasm, I am confident that the new team Niveshak, with their enthusiasm and motivation, will take Niveshak to greater heights and achieve those feats which our team couldn’t even think of. I just wish the new team gets the same love and support from you which we got in the last 1 year.

Although this is my last editorial, I won’t bid adieu as Niveshak is something to which I shall remain attached forever. Bbye for now.

Stay Invested.

Bhavit Sharma
(Editor -Niveshak)

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