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Niveshak January 2016 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Monday, February 1, 2016 , under , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

A very Happy New Year. We welcome you to our first issue for this year. The month saw many ups and downs in the market. The Sensex started on a good note but that did not continue for the month. Crashing below the 24,000 marks, the Sensex finally recovered and ended by falling 1,320 points from the start. The volatility was mainly due to the external factors.

The month also saw reports by two major institutions pegging India’s growth on a rising path. Both World Bank and IMF said that India will be the fastest growing major economy in the world. They praised India for the reforms initiated by the government but cautioned that the World growth will also be affected by the slowing growth in the major developing economies of the world.
The IIP number released in the month showed contraction in the industrial production mainly led by the manufacturing sector. While CPI number shot up. Both these led to the dampening of sentiment among the investor community as they saw little prospect for the Rate-cut by the Rbi.

On a global front, falling Chinese economy continued to make headlines as the experts see more fall in the coming months. Oil is not showing any sign of revival. And to encourage more lending by banks, Bank of Japan has introduced negative interest rate. The rate will be charged on the incremental deposit that the banks will make to the central banks. The move will benefit emerging economies like India, where the cheap money will find its way for better returns. Also the stock market in India zoomed up on the day of announcement.

On the magazine front, our cover story is regarding the fall in the oil prices. Crashing from the highs of around $125 a barrel to $30 a barrel, the story shows how it is boon for some and bane for others. Article of the Month talks about the Masala Bond. Though little heard of about this type of bond, this is nothing but the issuing of foreign bonds in Indian rupees. The term got its due publicity after the Indian Railways decided to raise funds through this mechanism. FinGyaan section of the magazine talks about the Indian Banks and how they are in deep debt. The rising NPAs, especially of Public Sector Banks is a major cause of concern and the article talks about the issue. The newly introduced Fin Rewind section talks about the Energy Crisis of 1970s. The article takes a holistic view and see the situation from geo-political angle as well.

FinSight talks about the effect of the fall of commodity prices on India. The Classroom section gives the reader knowledge about the Exchange Traded Fund. FinView has the interview from Dr. S. Jayprakash, Co-Founder & Vice President of Nanobi Data and Analytics Pvt. Ltd. He talks about the insurance industry and how data-analytics can be used to catapult the insurance industry given the insurance market is still an untapped market in India.

To end this brief note, it’s important that we thank you, our readers, for your constant support and appreciation. Please continue to motivate us so that we can come out with more insightful reads in the issues to come. Keep it pouring in.

Thank you. Stay invested!

Team Niveshak

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Niveshak December 2015 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Thursday, December 31, 2015 , under , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

The month of December started on a positive note with GDP growth accelerating to 7.4% in September quarter and with the expectation that the government would meet its fiscal deficit target for this fiscal, although the Seventh Pay Commission’s recom¬mendation would put burden on the government. The RBI also kept its Repo Rate unchanged, which was as expected, and the governor said he would be pushing for the new base-rate calculation formula.

The month also saw heated debate over GST with the Opposition demanding scrapping down the 1% inter-state sale levy and capping the GST rate to which the government has partly agreed to by including it into in the law. Also the e-commerce companies lobbied to the government to keep them outside of the GST purview.

With the upcoming 4G services, companies like Samsung and Micromax, largest smartphone sellers in India, have shifted their focus on the devices which run faster on 4G network. To strengthen its sellers’ network Flipkart announced that it will give small working capital loans to all its strong network of 80,000 merchants.

The five-year high 9.8% IIP number for October was a big positive for the economy which showed that the economy may be finally out of glut and rising. After two-weeks of negotiations, India finally made it clear in Paris that due to its development agenda it cannot turn back on the coal, though the country is committed to increase its dependence on renewable energy by seven-fold by 2022.

The month also saw the most awaited move by Federal Reserve which raised its rate by 25 bps for the first time in a decade. This ended the uncertainty in the market. Finance Minister Arun Jaitely introduced Insolvency and Bankruptcy in Parliament which will help in winding up of failed business in 180 days and is in line with the global practices.

The cover story is an analysis of the Federal Reserve rate hike and its impact on the Indian market. The Article of the Month (AOM) discusses about the inclusion of Yuan in the IMF Reserve Currency basket. It talks about the growth of Yuan and the effect of the inclusion on the Chinese economy as well as world economy.

FinGyaan talks about the Derivative market and how it functions and what could be its implication. While the FinSight section analyses the reason as to what led to the delay in the growth of India.

This time around we have incorporated a new section named FinRewind which will talk about the major financial happenings of the past. This section will try to analyze the situation both subjectively as well as objectively. This issue has the Impact of the Bretton Woods Conference as its topic.

FinView has the excerpts from Mr. Rajat Mishra, Sr. Vice President , SBI Capital Markets Ltd. who gives his view on the Fed rate hike and the investment climate in the country. Classroom section shares knowledge on Factoring and Forfaiting. We would like to thank our readers for their immense support and encouragement.

You remain our prime motivation factor that keeps our spirits high and give us the vigor and vitality to keep working hard.

Thank you.
Stay invested!
Team Niveshak
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Niveshak November 2015 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 , under , , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

The month of November saw a volatile movement in the stock market due to rumours with respect to GST Reforms in the country. As well quoting the Finance Minister Mr. Jaitley, GDP growth is expected to exceed 7.3% this fiscal year whereas on other hand we heard the RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan saying that China’s Economic Slowdown adversely affected India.

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Niveshak October 2015 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 , under , , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

The month of October has generated a lot of news from the government side with the Indian African Forum Summit 2015 taking place in New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to heads of states and delegates from all 54 African nations kick-starting the summit which also included various bilateral trade talks and Indian investment in the continent.

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Niveshak September 2015 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Thursday, October 1, 2015 , under , , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

The month of September ended with a lot of buzz. The biggest news was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States to attend the 70th annual session of the United Nations General Assembly. This visit also included meeting with CEOs of top firms like Apple, Google, Microsoft etc.

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Niveshak August 2015 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Sunday, September 6, 2015 , under , , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

With this issue in your hands, dear readers, Niveshak completes seven glorious years of its existence. When we look back at the journey so far, we feel satisfaction, joy, encouragement, hope and determination, all at the same time. We feel privileged too for having you with us – having seen us grow from a dream to where we are today. Had it not been for your constant support and motivation, nothing would’ve been possible.

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Niveshak July 2015 Issue with Page Flip version

Posted by Team Niveshak on Friday, July 31, 2015 , under , , , , , |

Dear Niveshaks,

Taking forward one of his marquee projects, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the month of July with the launch of ‘Digital India’. Digital India, which talks about taking Internet connectivity to the masses is expected to be officially launched with some of the key components of it such as Digital Locker, National Scholarship Portal and e-health

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