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Tuesday, March 14, 2017 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dear Niveshak,

This month we bring to you Donald Trump – The Era of Uncertainty as our special coverage. Economy will be at the top of Trumps agenda as President and will serve as the most important barometer of his performance. His business origins and his affluent lifestyle will have a huge impact on what he perceives the country to Trump hallmarks are his unaccountability and impulsive remarks which have become his primary identification marks.

After enjoying the upshots of Demonetization for few months, Paytm recently raised another $200 million from Alibaba Group Holding and the venture capital fund SAIF Partners in order to expand its online retail business in the domestic market, which is predominantly conquered by Flipkart and Amazon. The deal is expected to value Paytm E-Commerce at close to $1 billion.

On the regulatory front, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) plans to further tighten the regulations for algorithmic trading to minimize instances of misuse of such systems that can be used to execute complex trading strategies at a very high speed.

On the magazine front, the Article of the Month talks about the fault lines in the world economy as a whole, pondering upon various important questions such as what went so wrong that the American people, who have long championed liberalism and free markets are suddenly building walls all around? Why are the British people so eager to leave the EU? Why are so many European countries angry with the world? Why is Japan, once the hallmark of growth, striving endlessly to come out of a bruised and stagnant economic rut? And more broadly, why has the global economy and demand become so sticky that no matter how much money is pumped into it, there are no visible signs of a robust growth? Hence, the author is determined to find out the reasons why the world economy is behaving the way it is and what role does the political risk is playing in all this.

In the Finsight, the author talks about the most coveted work visa i.e. H-1B visa which is an employment based, non-immigrant visa in the United States and allows US employers to temporarily hire foreign workers in speciality occupations. However, with the recent undergoing reforms in the Trump regime, the Indian economy is expected to take a hit as India happens to be the largest recipient of H-1B visas in the world. In the FinGyaan section, the author talks about the Financial Health Clinics, which are the organizations specifically providing services to the sick industries for their revival. The main motive of these type of organizations is to provide the preventive and revival strategies which will create a safe guard to the sick industries by providing them a turnaround measures to follow for financial restructuring. The classroom section specifically talks about IPO valuation and the risks associated with an IPO. It will also help in developing a perspective as to how the valuation and done and what are the different factors that affect an IPO valuation.

Finally, we would like to thank our readers for their immense support and encouragement. You remain our prime motivating factor that keeps our spirits high and gives us the vigour and vitality to keep working hard.

We hope you had a great month and wish you the best for the new one.

Stay Invested!
Team Niveshak

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