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Saturday, July 15, 2017 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dear Niveshaks,
This month has been quite an eventful one with the Prime Minister visiting and signing pacts with countries like the US and Israel which has both defense-related, bilateral trade benefits as well as economic impacts. The ongoing tussle with China and the renewed talk of make in India should boost consumption of domestically produces goods. The divestment approval for Air India serving a debt of over Rs 50,000 crore, is surviving on a taxpayer bailout. The Indian markets have been bullish, to say the least, and look all set to breach the highest tally ever. Amongst all of this, GST made the biggest impact in the month of June. The GST also addressed as the Good and Simple Tax by Mr. Modi was launched on the 31st of June and created maximum buzz by featuring the maximum number of times in the news portals, morning papers and the discussions of all and sundry.

That said, this month, we bring to you in our cover story another initiative that the present Government is likely to implement, ‘Will India make the shift to a new Financial Year.’ The article deals with a lot of potent questions and thoughts on the shift if it takes place, talks about the background of the current financial year and accounts for the pros and cons of the shift to the new financial year. The magazine team gives their opinions and suggestions on the shift while analyzing the move already implemented by the state of Madhya Pradesh in the conclusion section.

The Article of the Month raises a pertinent question, one that every Indian and Chinese resident ponders about with juxtaposed thoughts on the issue; ‘Can India replace China as a new superpower?’ A must read for the finance enthusiasts with comparisons drawn between the two countries on various topics including the GDP, population, and other macroeconomic factors. The FinSight and FinGyaan sections deal with ‘Capitalism, Inequality and Sustainable Development’ and ‘Indian Pharma – An Ambivalent Aura.’ The articles talk about inequality as a result of the widening
gap between the rich and poor as a result of capitalism and how it affects the sustainable growth of the world. The FinGyaan section deals with the Indian pharma sector; its impact on the Indian economy, GST’s influence on the pharma industry, the importance of US markets for Indian pharma division and the technological innovations in the industry.

In the FinaFame section, you get to read about Sanford I. Weill - The Man Who Invented Financial Supermarket (an institution or a company which offers a full range of financial services under one roof) that includes insurance, underwriting, stock brokerage services apart from a gamut of banking services. The Classroom section shall further your knowledge on ‘triple witching,’ an event that occurs when the contracts for stock index futures, stock index options, and stock options expire on the same day.

Have a fun time going through the various sections of the magazine. We hope you enjoy reading and give us your valuable feedback on what you expect to read in the upcoming volumes.

Stay Invested!
Team Niveshak

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