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Friday, June 1, 2012 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Friday, June 01, 2012

Dear Niveshaks,
This month brought a lot of political turmoil in the European Union Nations starting with Netherlands and then France. Also the economic indicators exhibited by most of the countries like Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, Chain, Singapore, Japan, etc. were not very encouraging. This has led to a rising negative market sentiment that has been reflected in the markets worldwide.
Speaking of India, the statements issued by RBI and discussions of the impact of the growing uncertainty on Indian economy have not been very encouraging. Also the downgrades by S & P and IMF have led to doubt the growth potential of the country in the coming year.
In the light of this situation we present the May 2012 issue of Niveshak with the cover story on: Is India Vision 2020 achievable?
Also this month, many companies reported their earnings. While most of them have performed at par with market expectations, there were a few positive signs too with companies like Nissan overcoming the impact of Japan nuclear disaster and reporting 22% year on year growth in revenues. Also, thanks to rising oil prices, Exxon Mobil replaced Wal-Mart from first place among the Fortune 500 top revenue-generating United States companies.
The article of the month on - Discrediting or Crediting Credit Trends Worldwide, explains the trends in credit industry and its importance. The issue also features interesting reads on Rupee depreciation and its impact on Indian economy, Basel III Framework Origins & Implications and Relevance of Laissez Faire Economy in current scenario. This month’s classroom section explains to you the concept of Book Building.
With final calls being declared for most of the Management Institutes, Team Niveshak would like to extend their heartiest congratulations to all those who have made it through and achieved what they had worked hard for. We hope that you have a fulfilling and enlightening journey ahead.
We would also like to thank our readers for their constant support through wonderful articles and appreciation. It is your endless encouragement and enthusiasm that keeps us going.

Kindly send in your suggestions and feedback to and as always,

Stay invested,
Team Niveshak.
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