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With the major companies declaring their first quarter results, the month of July witnessed various ups and downs in Indian economy. In the IT sector Infosys disappointed the market with a 28.5 per cent increase in revenue and 32.9 per cent increase in net profits lower than the investor’s expectations whereas India’s largest software exporter, Tata Consultancy Services, continued its dream run with a 37.7 per cent growth in revenue and 37.4 per cent growth in net profits. Infosys lowered its dollar revenue FY13 outlook from 8-10% to a dismal 5%, resulting in 8% fall in stock on a single day. Reliance Industries posted a 21% fall in net profit beating the market expectations.
The international agencies also brought both the good and bad news for Indian economy this month. On one hand the Asian Development Bank had lowered its growth forecast for India from 7.0% to 6.5% followed by International Monetary Fund that lowered the growth forecast to 6.1% by a margin of 0.7% for the current fiscal year and on the other hand UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2012 declared India as the third most preferred FDI destination after China and United States.
Amidst all this, the talks of Indian economy being in stagflation also continue. The news from the political circles brought a pleasant smile on the faces of industry veterans, as CII President Adi Godrej said Pranab Mukherjee, newly elected President of India, is a ‘Man of all seasons’.
On the international front, the biggest shock came from Barclays when its’ CEO Bob Diamond resigned amid an interest rate fixing scandal. The departure of Bob Diamond was followed by the resignation of Jerry del Missier, Barcalys Chief Operating Officer. The Barclays management has been accused by regulators in Britain and US of manipulating the setting of London Interbank Offer Rate, also known as LIBOR. In another major development, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told former U.S. President Bill Clinton that the country is in great depression and the GDP of the country is expected to shrink by one fifth since 2008 by the end of current fiscal.
The issue brings to you a comprehensive analysis on Power Exchanges in India, covering in detail the issues faced by the Power Exchanges in India and the proposed solutions for the same. The article of the months discusses about the economic crisis being worsened because of the Leadership crisis in India and the possible solutions for the same. The issue also features articles on Asset Restructuring Companies, practice of Consumer Credit Rating in India and unsustainability of widening global imbalances post the financial crisis of 2008. The classroom section explains the concept of technical analysis.
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