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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Niveshaks,

The month of April opened with plunging prices of Gold hugging the headlines across newspapers. Gold considered as one of the safest investments by most Indian families received a big jolt as prices plunged throughout the world. The Eurozone country of Cyprus rumoured to dump their gold deposits is believed to be one of the reason;
the other widely believed reason is the signs of improvement that the US economy is showing. Investors are looking to exchange their gold securities for dollars as dollar appreciates and gold depreciates. This speculation is having wide ranging effects that is being seen across sectors such as jewelry, gold loan companies and most importantly for India’s current Account Deficits. In this issue of Niveshak, we have tried to analyze all these aspects while suggesting some pointers as to what the investors should look to do with their gold securities.
This month we also bring to you some interesting reads such as the Article of the Month “Economics of Development”. It talks about development and inclusive growth. It brings out the problems faced by India in its journey towards inclusive growth and also suggests some good solutions. Fingyaan on the other hand talks about where our Indian stock markets are headed i.e. Hedge Funds. The article very crisply states and explains the various strategies that the hedge fund investors use to maximize returns, also what all techniques are used to measure the returns. Our historical section, on the hand talks about the Bretton Woods system and its impact. The Finistry section this year covers the year of 1944 and is an extremely delightful read as to how this Bretton Woods has been instrumental in shaping our financial world today. Moving on to FinSight which describes the crisis in Cyprus and why it occurred. The article talks about what are the possible ways ahead as well as the pros and cons of each of them. This is piece of work which is sure to give all you readers a lot of fodder for the mind.
We would also like to thank our readers for their constant support through wonderful articles and appreciation. It is your endless encouragement and enthusiasm that keeps us going. Kindly send in your suggestions and feedback to and as always,

Stay invested,
Team Niveshak.
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