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Monday, September 30, 2013 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Monday, September 30, 2013

Dear Niveshaks,
The month of September saw a deep dip in rupee which went to its all-time low of INR 68.80 per dollar. But after the appointment of the new RBI Governor, things seems to be improving. The rupee and bond rates surged to one month highs on 19 September 2013.
The rupee traded at 61.88 per dollar and the benchmark 10-year bond yield traded at 8.18%, after dropping to 8.14%, it’s lowest since August 8, 2013. Corporates will find dealing with this volatility a challenge as several forecasters are now changing their 2013 projections for the domestic currency.

Equity Markets also welcomed the new RBI governor by remaining highly volatile with a net upward movement of more than 2000 points (SENSEX) in the past one month. Of course, the US fed decisions, China growth figures and RBI monetary policy had its own share of movements and fluctuations.
The Article of the Month for September discusses about the need of privatizing banks in India. It analyses the pros and cons of the government ownership in banking sector in India and suggests a suitable way forward for the reforms in banking sector. The cover Story for the Month of September takes a step to throw some lights on “Vulture Funds” and how they have ruined many nations. It also tries to analyze how vulture funds are hunting Indian
economy. Niveshak also brings some more good reads for you in this issue – the FinGyaan of the issue brings to you how an investment banker puts all his valuation results into the football field before pitching his valuation to the client. Fin-Sight of the issue talks about how financial bubbles in an economy are a trap. It throws light on some of the major crisis that have happened in the world economy & ends by wishing the reader for being prepared
for the crisis to come. Then there is the story of late 1970s about Chinese economy, which talks about a series of reforms known as “Secondary Revolution” which transformed China from a planned economy to an open market economy. The issue also explains the most talked about plans in the Mutual Fund Industry i.e. SIP, STP & SWP through our much cherished Classroom Section.
To end this brief note, it’s important that we thank you, our readers, for your constant support and appreciation. Thank you! It is your endless encouragement and enthusiasm that keeps us going. Kindly keep pouring in your suggestions and feedback to and as always, 

Stay Invested!! 

Team Niveshak.
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