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Tuesday, August 9, 2016 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Dear Niveshaks,

The month made news mainly centred around the monsoon and the GST Bill. The
benchmark Sensex index showed optimism for the month with the index up by
around 2.92% during the month.

The Indian monsoon and the GST Bill attracted the maximum eyeballs in the month
of July. The benchmark Sensex index showed optimism for the month with the index up by around 2.92%.

The two most discussed issues for the month for the Indian economy were the prospect of good monsoon and the push by the government to pass the GST Bill. As has been predicted by the IMD, India would have above normal monsoon after a gap of two years. This is a very important factor for a country heavily dependent on the rainfall for the agriculture sector. Also, one of the most awaited reforms in the Indian economy, the GST Bill, is all set to come into force. The Rajya Sabha has finally cleared the bill after struggling to form a consensus over it for years. Also some of the other events that made news this month was India tryig to host G20 summit in 2018 rather than the scheduled 2019, and some news in FMCG sector where the companies like Dabur and HUL are venturing into new sectors.

On the magazine front this time, July’s article of the month talks about the bankruptcy code. The author asserts the importance of bankruptcy code in making the system more resilient. Our cover story is on the Trans-Pacific Partnership among the nations. The article talks about the recent development where the nations have signed a deal on the final proposal, though it is yet to be ratified. The article focuses on how
it would affect India. In the FinGyaan section, the author talks about the GST Bill and its effects on the Indian economy. The author talks about what benefits India could derive through the implementation of the bill and how it could be a panacea for the Indian economy. The FinRewind section covers the Enron scandal which had rocked the financial world. The author describes the event and provides his insight as to how this scandal made financial systems more robust. FinSight talks about the financial technology companies and their dynamics with the banks. The author supports the perspective that the banks should view the tech firms more as a partner in their growth journey rather than a parallel competing industry. This is based on the
paradigm shift being observed in the way people bank, with major functionalities being transformed for the mobile platform. This time we have brought to you an article on Personal Finance authored by Mr. P. Saravanan, Associate Professor of IIM Shillong, and published in Financial Express. The articles talks about how one should do Industry Analysis.The Classroom section explains the concept of ‘The Big Mac Index’. It is one of the popular indices to measure the purchasing power parity of nations.
Finally, we would like to thank our readers for their immense support and encouragement. You remain our prime motivating factor that keeps our spirits high and gives us the vigour and vitality to keep working hard. We hope you had a great month and wish you the best for the new one.

Thank you. Stay invested!
Team Niveshak

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