Niveshak Fifth Anniversary (August 2013) Issue

Saturday, August 31, 2013 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dear Niveshaks,

With this issue in your hands, Dear readers, Niveshak completes five glorious years of its existence. Congratulations! When we look back from this juncture, we feel satisfaction, joy, encouragement, hope, belief, zeal and determination, all at the same time. We feel privileged too, for having you with us – having seen us grow from a dream to where we are today.
Had it not been for your constant support and motivation, nothing would’ve been possible.

“If Winter comes, can spring be far behind?” said a famous poet once. And would we like to believe him? Oh boy, yes! More than ever, today! Rupee seems to have decided to test our limits in a manner that’s wider than anyone’s expectations, inflation is flirting with double digits, growth is plummeting, investments have dried up, and our capital markets are oscillating at an unprecedented amplitude. And it is at such times that you so desperately wish that sayings like "this too shall pass" and "every cloud has a silver lining" are, well, more than just sayings! Have you ever seen those yellow black earth-movers working their way up the mountains in the seemingly unhospitable terrain? They toil hard, they dig, they move rocks and still, they might just end up a notch below than where they were in the morning. It does not signify that that there wasn’t any progress made during the day. At Niveshak, we believe that India is at a similar phase of its history. And that is why, the theme of this anniversary issue is ‘Scripting the Great Indian Revival’!
In the pages that follow, you’ll find the confluence of ideas from the people who run the economy today and from those who will run it tomorrow. Both have contemplated the possible ways in which we can make our economy shine again. One common idea that you will find making its way out over and over again is that the Indian story is not yet over and that much is still to be conquered. India might have slowed but that is just to shift gears and not to come to a halt. It is all in the minds! When someone counts to you the shortcomings that our system suffers from, the legacies that drag us backward, count to them the moves that propel us forward, the opportunities that (will) make us stand in the front line amongst the nations of the world. Talk to them about the demographic dividend that, when yielded properly, would be that magic wand which will turn our nation’s fortunes like never before. And do remember, “The bumblebee flies anyway!”
The issue contains a happy mix of articles, interviews, special columns and an info-graphic that have either been handpicked from the lots we received for this issue or compiled painstakingly by team Niveshak. You are sure to get a holistic picture of the Indian economy from the ramparts of this edition.
In the run-up to this anniversary, we organized a slew of events under the aegis of ‘Celebratio – Celebrating 5 glorious years of Niveshak’. Thank you for making each one of them so very successful! Also, more than 100 articles were received as contenders for space in this limited page edition. It was a herculean task to zero-in on the ones that finally feature in here. It wouldn’t be fair on our part if we didn’t thank each one of you profusely enough for such huge response to our initiatives. As we traverse on the chosen road in future, we would love to keep your company along and expect that you will keep bestowing your support and contribution to your much cherished Niveshak. Together, we will take it to greater heights!

And today, more than ever before, Stay Invested!! 

Team Niveshak.
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