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Tuesday, April 1, 2014 , Posted by Team Niveshak at Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Dear Niveshaks, 

We hope that the month of March had brought with it lots of joys and colors with the festival of Holi. From acquiring WhatsApp for a whooping $19 billion, now Facebook has again finalized acquisition of Oculus VR, a virtual reality company for $2 billion in stock and cash. Mark Zuckerberg stated this aquisition to be part of the strategy directed towards providing new kinds of experiences in virtual reality to the Facebook users, gam­ing being the first feather in their caps. 

Apart from the rallying Indian stock market, said to be experiencing the pre-poll effect before the country goes for central elections in a few months, the month also brought in with it mystery in the form of disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370. Even after 21 days since it went missing and a numerous contingency theories, joint search by the international communities using the latest of the technologies there is still no clue to the location of the plane or its 239 people onboard. Moving to the current happening in the field of information technol¬ogy, Microsoft launched free Office application for iPad on Apple’s online App Store. It was greeted with a great response and was seen as Satya Nadella’s move to let Microsoft sidestep paying Apple the 30 percent cut it gets of the price of applications for its popular devices as well as in-app purchases and generate an opportunity to enhance Microsoft’s revenues. This month was also marked by the historical event of reclaiming of Crimea as part of Russia. Although Russia might face an international condemnation for many years to come, this did not stop Mr. Putin from speeding the process of redrawing the international borders of Russia. 
In the March edition of Niveshak, our editors have covered the story about the require¬ment of an internal agency to monitor the funds raised through the IPO process as proposed by SEBI. The Article of the Month this time is ‘Emerging market equities or Developed market equities- Which equity market deserves a higher premium?’ which discusses about the real potential of emerging markets compared with the developed markets. FinGyan section covers Dividends for gains at stock market- Is it the right choice which analyzes whether a company giving good dividends regularly are worth in¬vesting. FinSight article this month covers Push or Pull- Inflation and Policy Rates. The FinPact section this month discusses about the $19 Billion acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook and argued if the price for the acquisition is justified? FinView this time covers an Interview with Ms. Surbhi Arora on New exploration policy by Indian Government. And Lastly Classroom section this time is a lesson on new finance enthusiasts about Corporate Debt Restructuring. 
Also, Team Niveshak would like to extend its gratitude towards the senior team for their continuous guidance and support in taking the Finance Club of IIM Shillong to new heights and thereby increasing its reach. They have been a part of some new initiatives such as FinDrishti, Celebratio, ICICI Direct and Niveshak Investment Fund (NIF). The senior Finance club comprises: Anchal Khaneja, Anushri Bansal, Gourav Sachdeva, Hi¬manshu Arora, Ishaan Mohan, Kaushal Kumar Ghai, Kritika Nema, Neha Misra and Nirmit Mohan. We hope to continue this relationship and strive to take Finance club to newer heights with your continuous support. 
We would like to thank our readers for their immense support and encourage-ment. You remain our prime motivation factor that keeps our spirits high and gives us the vigor and vitality to keep working hard. Thank you.

Stay invested!

Team Niveshak
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